Ground-to-Sea Sound Collective

It was born in 2013 in Rimini (IT) founded by musician Fabio Mina, musician-researcher Emiliano Battistini and videomaker-musician Luca Mina, and supported by GA/ER (Giovani Artisti Emilia-Romagna) Association, winning as the first artistic project the GA/ER fellowship of the same year.

The project goal was – and it is still today – the creation of site-specific concerts, where landscape sounds become like a music ensemble to interact with. To do that, our artistic action is based on the discovery of the soundscape of a specific place. The field recording practice is, in this case, much more beyond the documentation: it represents the starting point of the musical composition and improvisation. However, every collect of sounds on the field produces a sonic archive that we can use for sound installations, pedagogical actions, talks, films, records and so on.

Mixing together ecological and natural interests, valorization of cultural heritage and music, and starting from the town of Rimini (IT), Ground-to-Sea takes the sea and the places around it as its first inspiration source. Acoustic waves like sea waves: if the sea makes a travel possible, across it, the sound itself travels and unifies far and close lands.

Besides sea sounds, over the last years our collective worked also on different kind of sounds and places. From an abandoned aqueduct building soundscape to a futurist high speed railway station one, from sounds of different bridges to the urban soundscape of famous art city, from sounds of wind to sounds of vineyards and wine cellars: everywhere there is a fascinating “music of the place” to listen to and to interact with.

At the moment GTSSC is very much involved in the project DIFFERENT WAVES/ONE WAVE with the entrance of vidsual artist Mattia Fornaciari, a project started with the collaboration of Fondazione Cetacea Onlus and European partners related to the acoustic pollution issue inside our seas.

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Threshold,  as the border of a new artistic language that looks toward tradition but goes further, bringing it closer to other languages and crossing the boundary ofpre-established stylistic features.

The attention to this soundscape represents the desire to trigger a research path aimed at enriching a personal artistic language, based on specific registers linked to the contamination between traditional sounds and electronics.

The two musicians use their instruments looking for their most hidden features, and broaden the possibilities through live electronics, effects and synthesizers, pushing beyond genres, between improvisation and composition, and creating a captivating and unpredictable music in which contrasting elements interact with each other.

Threshold arises from the two opposite etymological meanings of the word “tradition”. On the one hand understood as tra-dare (“trans-giving”), delivering beyond, and on the other hand understood as tradere, a betrayal that would be put in place at the time of “passing” from hand to hand, from knowledge to knowledge, from generation to generation.
The concept and the semantic core of this new project lie in the short circuit between the need to investigate and safeguard the cultural emergencies of the extinguishing traditional languages, and the need to understand the new mechanisms of that atavistic betrayal, typical of a knowledge that is transmitted.

FABIO MINA: flutes, winds, electronics

Francesco Savoretti: percussion, electronics



Mothra is a giant moth, the monstrous God of peace of the Japanese cinema, appeared on the screens in 1961. It reveals its devastating powers only when its environment is violated or when his friend / enemy Godzilla becomes evil. Its wings, symbol of an intangible lightness, are transformed into lethal weapons with which gives rise to hurricanes.

A moth as a symbol of fragility that can unleash an irrepressible force: the three musicians combine these contrasts through music in a constantly changing that, through mutual listening and improvisation, can be delicate and introspective but also furious and release.
The three of them are joined by extra-European musical approaches as well as by an endless research of new sonic possibilities.

After a tour in Honk Kong and South China in 2016  they recorded the first album, produced and released by Vintage Vinyl HK and Platinum Metres.
The trio explores electroacoustic territory extending the sonic possibilities of their instruments with effects, loops and live electronics.

 Fabio Mina: alto flute, danmoi, duduk, pedal effects, synth

Marco Zanotti: prepared drum set, tambora, pandeiro, electronics

Peppe Frana: electric ud, godin multioud, electronics