A performance to dive ourselves into the waves, under the waves.
A sound dive, an exploration through the listening.
A breathless research inside the nuances of the opposing relationship between humans and the other living beings of the sea.

Fabio Mina: alto flute, effects, synthesizers.
Emiliano Battistini: soundscape composition, live electronics. Mattia Fornaciari: cimatic visual installation, video projection.

Ground-to-Sea Sound Collective (Fabio Mina, Emiliano Battistini) created DIFFERENT WAVES, a project inspired by the sea sounds symphony, to share the problem of human being impact on marine ecosystems. The project was produced by Fondazione Cetacea inside the Italy/Croatia Project “Soundscape. SOUNDSCAPES IN THE NORTH ADRIATIC SEA AND THEIR IMPACT ON MARINE BIOLOGICAL RESOURCES”.

The sounds, recorded in the North Adriatic Sea by hydrophones placed in specific and different place, are mixed and composed in a musical context where sea inhabitant “voices” alternate with the noises that humans produce. The result is an honest and intense dialogue between these concrete sounds, recomposed and played through live electronics by Emiliano Battistini, and the flute and synth instruments, played by Fabio Mina, creating a deep, immersive, contrasting concert. Furthermore, the visual device created by Mattia Fornaciari transposes visually the sound vibrations of the concert in real time.

ISMAR/CNR Venice scientists helped to identify species, and analyzed the recorded audio materials: DIFFERENT WAVES is an interesting collaboration between art and science with the deep and urgent goal to create syncretic knowledge forms, to generate the awareness of a complex world we all need. Between 2020 and 2022, Different Waves concert has been presented in different festival and venues in Italy (Rimini, Ancona, Venezia, Udine), Croatia (Split) and Belgium (Brussels).

In 2022, thanks to the artistic residency ARS-ARTI RELAZIONI SCIENZE in Trieste (IT), organized by Quarantasettezeroquattro and Kaleidoscienza associations, “Different Wave” became DIFFERENT WAVES / ONE WAVE, an immersive multimedia concert with 8-channel audio system about how climate change is affecting underwater ecosystems, making comparisons and links between ocean sounds, coming from different part of the world, and sea sounds from the North Adriatic Sea, in specific from the Miramare underwater natural area by WWF (Trieste, IT).

Ocean sounds have been collected by different scientific research teams which shared a part of their sonic database with the artists: OGS-Istituto di Oceanografia e Geofisica Sperimentale (IT), Université de Liège (BE), ALOHA Cabled Observatory (ACO) founded by National Science Foundation (grant OCE 1926188; B. Howe e J. Potemra, co-I) (USA) and Ocean Networks Canada – ONC (CA).

This is why the title of the work “Different Waves / One Wave” and its subtitle “A musical Journey into Ocean Feedbacks”: through a musical journey into ocean signals and sonic feedbacks we let the public understand how ocean is a complex whole in which different underwater ecosystems, “different wave”, take part to the same system finally, to the same “one wave”. This “oceanic” version of the concert has been presented at the In/Visible Cities Festival (Gradisca d'Isonzo, IT).



Links to direct scientific partners


- Fondazione Cetacea

- Italy/Croatia InterReg EU Project “Soundscape”

- OGS-National Institut of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (IT)

- WWF AMP Miramare



Links to Institutions who shared a part of their sonic dataset to the artistic project


- ALOHA Cabled Observatory (ACO) founded by National Science Foundation (grant OCE 1926188; B. Howe e J. Potemra, co-I)

- Ocean Networks Canada – ONC:


- Université de Liège, Faculty of Sciences, Oceanograhy:


- ISMAR/CNR Venice: